What is the podcast about?
Media news and each topic’s social and societal ramifications. Gaming, streaming, celebrity, movies, sports,… anything is game. We’re just nerds and did a lot of gaming topics so far.

What is your release schedule?
We record a new show every 2 weeks on wednesdays, then edit the audio and have it up on youtube and patreon at least one week for $5+ patrons before they’re available for the general public on your typical podcast sites. Expect a new episode to hit your favorite podcast destinations about every 2 weeks.

Why do you livestream the recordings?
Why not livestream it? You want to join in the conversations before the rest of the world? You want to be part of the chat we react to and include messages from LIVE while we talk? Cool. We want you to too. Be there or be square. Livestreaming is where it’s at.

Is there a limit to what topics you cover?
Anything that doesn’t break TOS on various platforms is fair game. While we generally avoid religion and politics, we’re not completely barred from talking about them as long as there’s a “nerdy” angle. We’re just gaming nerds, so that comes up a lot.

Who are your usual co-hosts?
We typically have skpacman, Azera1984, Madeen4, Mojo, and Doritokllr join our podcasts. We do have guests come onboard for one or a couple episodes so keep an eye out for your favorite peoples to join us 🙂

Is there merch?
The only merch we have is exclusive to the $25/mo tier on our Patreon. After being at that tier for 3 months, you get free merch. There will be more merch later, but right now it’s just Patreon exclusive.

Why do you have a Patreon?
Publication, hosting, and editing all cost money. That’s the deal. We use the money from Patreon to pay the podcast’s bills first, then pay the co-hosts and editors if we’re able to. Our co-hosts are volunteers and are donating their time to help this podcast grow, but I (skpacman) would LOVE to pay them for their time, even if it’s tossing them $5 per episode to sit there and look pretty.

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