The end of Season 2

As I mention at the beginning of EP19 that is going to be released today (6/28/2021), that’s going to be the last episode of Season 2 and we’ll be picking up Season 3 at a later date. I’ll be posting clips from my Twitch channel to the podcast as time allows whenever we talk about stuff that would normally belong on the podcast. Some of the topics I wanted to talk about in EP20 include TSR Games (Gary Gygax’s legacy company) run by Gary’s homophobic family, Bo Burnham’s Inside Netflix Special and his social commentary, and a lot more, but sadly those are going to have to wait.

The reason we need to take a break is there has been many changes to how my life is structured and I simply don’t have the time to produce and edit the podcast right now. Season 3 will start after I’ve either found an editor I can pay to edit and produce the episodes, or find the time to do it myself. This means Season 3 could start in a couple months, next year, or even not at all. It all depends on when we’re able to get the time to do things.

Thank you to everyone who has listened to and supported our show.

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