We need people!

Guest Hosts:

Are you a nerd about something? Anything? Want to be a guest on our podcast for an episode, or a few episodes?

We’re looking for guests to join on our episodes. No matter what you’re a nerd about, we want your opinions and knowledge to shine in our episodes. If you’re interested in joining, use our Contact Us form and let us know!

Episode Editor/Producer:

Do you have about 3 hours of free time every 2 weeks and would like to contribute to our podcast? Got some awesome audio editing skills that would benefit us?

We have a need for someone who can edit episodes for us. If you’ve listened to our podcast, you’d know we have a fairly simple format to follow. You’d be responsible for producing the episodes and uploading them to our OneDrive folders so I can distribute them accordingly.

This could be a paid position* if things work out positively and we continue to gain patrons on Patreon.

As always, if you’re interested in editing for us, use the Contact Us form and show your work!

*Positions are UNPAID unless contract agreement is made beforehand.
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