Episode2 – Benadryl, Bad Decisions, and Easter Eggs

  • In this episode we talk about Tik Tok challenges, Twitch raid requirements, Twitch Soundtrack, Mandatory Crunch at software dev companies, and easter eggs in games!
  • Also on YouTube! https://youtu.be/LNk92SqpfUU
  • Our host and creator, skpacman, has some announcements and we’re joined by Azera1984, Madeen4, Mojo, and special guest Leckakay this episode!
  • Follow Leckakay at: http://twitch.tv/leckakay
  • As always, you can catch our live recording of these episodes FOR FREE at http://twitch.tv/skpacman every other Wednesday at 9pm Mountain (11pm Eastern)
  • Follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/SecretStagePod
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